When you use GoSignIn at your next event, your attendees will get what they want while you’ll get peace of mind knowing that you have all of your participant information at your fingertips and you’ve done your part to ensure all of the paperwork is signed, sealed and in its place... without having to spend more of your precious budget to do so.

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I am so impressed with GoSignIn! I've planned many events, and I know first-hand how tedious and bottle-necked the registration process can get. GoSignIn is not only fast and efficient, but it has all the legal smarts jammed in to one place, so that both the participants and the presenter(s) are effortlessly addressing all the important liability issues, with the touch of screen.

~ Valerie Steiger

"It couldn't have been easier!"
GoSignIn made my event registration a breeze. All I had to do was provide a list of attendees and a some of the legalities I wanted covered for our conference. At the event, my attendees simply walked up to an iPad, typed in their name and signed in with their finger. No time wasted and no paper to keep track of!

~ Sheila Sanders 


It might not be what you think.


We developed GoSignIn because after years of attending events and working with event hosts we know that attendees want...

  • short or no lines at your registration table
  • to have an event agenda at their finger tips
  • to be wowed by your customer service
  • to spend their time enjoying the event rather than filling out complex and confusing forms

With GoSignIn you get all of that and more.

Want to learn more about how to streamline your registration process, reduce the staff needed to run your event, and legally protect you and your guests with your sleek, one touch set-up?
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